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Debouncing and throttling are techniques in javascript to optimise the application and browser performance.

What is a debounce function?

Debounce function limits the execution of a function call and waits for a certain amount of time before running it again.

Let’s take a real world scenario where we use this the most.

Most of the websites have search bar which helps the user to search with a specific keyword to get what they want. …

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Prototype is one of the most feared concept in JavaScript. But don’t get overwhelmed by this keyword. This article explains what is prototype and why we call JavaScript is a prototype based object oriented language.

Let’s take an example with a simple object:

let countryDetails = {
name: "India",
code: "+91",
continent: "Asia"

Now we can access the properties of this object using dot operator:       // "India"
countryDetails.code // "+91"
countryDetails.continent // "Asia"

It’s straightforward right, but apart from accessing the properties which are inside countryDetails object, we can also access few other methods like toString, hasOwnProperty and…

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This article explains when and why we should use call, apply and bind methods in Javascript.

Javascript provides wide variety of inbuilt methods to help in achieving reusable code, yet we tend to ignore them for our convenience. call, apply and bind methods are few of such methods we remember only conceptual wise.

This article helps in understanding the practical usage of call, apply and bind methods.

Before diving into these methods, let’s understand the use-case where it will come to our rescue.

Say we have two objects with few properties including a method:

let game1 = {     name: "Football",

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